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 Loot Rules

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PostSubject: Loot Rules   Loot Rules EmptyThu Mar 17, 2011 3:03 pm

For Instances:

Roll Need only if you are in need of that item on your main spec. Otherwise, you can roll greed. This includes all levels of items. If you need it for an off-spec, call out before hand to get approval to roll need from fellow guild mates.

When we get to raiding status, we will decide if we are going to us the DKP system.

If you are running without a full guild group, be sure to accommodate to our guest on rules for loot. Always represent your guild in a friendly manner.

For Raids:

Since raiding is new to all of us in Rift, and raiding is a little different than other MMO's, let's keep loot rules the same for the Expert Dungeons since we'll still be rolling with a team of five.

For Raid Rifts, we will have to see how this works and then we will make rules accordingly.
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Loot Rules
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